The names of the children in the testimonials have been changed for privacy.

“When I started looking for a play therapist, I knew the key to success was finding someone my daughter would connect with.

This in itself is often a challenge.

However, from the moment I met Jade, I knew she was perfect for my daughter.

She is warm, very insightful, knowledgeable in her field and sensitive to the needs of my daughter.

My daughter liked her at once, as did I, as we both sensed Jade is genuinely very caring and she made us feel at ease.

Despite being very professional and skilled in her field, she also manages to be very fun and silly when appropriate.

Her insight into my daughter was both interesting and very helpful, it was as if Jade had given us access to more of our child, which delighted my husband and myself.

The thing I was most surprised about is the communication and support I personally received from Jade.

Although at the heart of it, she was there for my daughter, her holistic approach to also offer support to us, made a big difference.

I felt compelled to write a testimony as I feel she should be acknowledged and I always felt she went above and beyond my expectations.

We felt very lucky to have Jade there to support our child.”
          Parent of four-year-old girl

“Jade is very approachable and my son loves her…my son is happier and more able to talk about some situations from his trauma.”
          Parent of seven-year-old boy.

“I have seen improvement in pupil behaviour as well as staff understanding of the issues. Discussions around the pupils with the parents have been very valuable too…a big thank you for enabling pupils an opportunity, through play, to understand their very complex lives and for your patience with helping us understand them more.”

          Head Teacher of an Infant School

“Joe wakes up every Wednesday and says “I am seeing Jade today”… I would like to thank Jade for her hard work with Joe and also at our review meetings, which has been therapy for me too!”
          Grandparent with special guardianship of seven-year-old boy

“It is amazing and I recommend this to all schools with children who need extra support and emotional care. Jade is very professional, supportive and caring.”
          Class- Teacher at a primary school

“Several of the children in my class have been unsettled and this has impacted on others around them. Once they have had Play Therapy they are usually more settled in class so the whole class benefits.”
          Class- Teacher at a primary school

“[Play Therapy] helped John to overcome the need to make up stories as to why he was upset and instead allowed him to say it was because his Dad had passed away. For me knowing he was getting extra support was very comforting”, “Jade you were amazing and helped John so much, he liked seeing you and you helped us both through a difficult time. Thank you.”
          Parent of seven-year-old child

“The relationship that Jade creates with the children is so beneficial to the adults and child. The advice that she is able to give from previous experience has helped dramatically with how the child is cared for in school. The child also enjoyed his sessions and could not wait to go again, they became slightly calmer and relaxed about issues as well feeling loved and cared for.”
          Class-Teacher at a primary school

“Thank you Jade for your fantastic involvement with our most vulnerable children. You have made a difference to our children and given staff advice and strategies for them to use.”
          Special Educational Needs Coordinator of a primary school

“The children who have had Play Therapy have been able to address the issues they have in a safe environment and one they feel at ease with. These issues have often been hindering them from focusing on school life. They have therefore been able to settle to their schoolwork and achieve more because they can concentrate on the task at hand.”
          Class-Teacher at a primary school

“Paul gained confidence over the time he was in Play Therapy. I also think it helped him actually wanting to learn or complete work…he used to be very reluctant to complete schoolwork.”
          Parent of child of five-year-old child