“We’ve all been there. Our son or daughter (or perhaps both!) has burst into tears, or better yet, begun a mighty tantrum, and we just want it to STOP. So we pull out a whole army of tricks –
shushing: “Shh, shh, it’s OK, it’s just a small…”,
ignoring: “I’m not going to talk to you until you stop crying and start using your proper words”,
explaining: “But you know that if you don’t brush your teeth they will rot, remember we talked about it? You brushed really well yesterday, why is it such a big deal today, it is the same…”,
anger: “Enough! Stop crying now!”, and
distraction: “Oh look, there’s a bird!” and I’m not sure what to call this last one (here have something to fill your mouth so you can’t cry?) but let’s call it
bribery: “Here, have a sweet, it will make you feel better.””


Jade Williams Play Therapy.
Child Counsellor and Play Therapist.
Kingston Upon Thames, Elmbridge, Esher, Richmond, Surbiton, Hampton, Hounslow, Epsom and Ewell, Mole Valley