Welcome to Jade Play Therapy

Jade Play Therapy is a therapeutic play service for children.

Play therapy is a form of child therapy that provides a way for children to express their thoughts and feelings through the medium of play. For a child, the toys become their words, and Play Therapists help children explore their feelings and process their experiences through play.

Jade currently offers a mobile service to provide therapy to children at schools, other organisations, and occasionally in their homes.

Jade can work with children aged between three and eleven years of age, and occasionally adolescents. Play Therapy can help children suffering from a range of psychological difficulties and challenging life experiences, including (but not limited to):

Depression Bereavement
Anxiety Low Self Esteem and Confidence
Aggression Family Breakdown
Autistic Spectrum Disorders Domestic Violence
Learning Difficulties or illness Trauma
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Fostering and Adoption
Oppositional Defiant disorder Abuse
Eating Disorders Sleeping Difficulties
Communication difficulties Exclusion from school

Jade will accept Play Therapy referrals from Schools, Parents and Carers, Children’s Services, Educational Psychologists, Children’s Charities, Fostering and Adoption Services, GP’s, and other organisations

Play therapy can only take place once the person holding parental responsibility for the child has signed a Play Therapy Consent Form. Jade will provide this form to the family after a referral to Play Therapy has been made.